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  • In direct finance lease, Nanshan Leasing directly purchases specific assets from equipment suppliers, rents such assets to clients for use, and then gains regular lease payments. A typical direct finance lease transaction involves the tripartite arrangement including the lessor, the lessee and the equipment supplier.
  • In a sale-leaseback transaction, clients of Nanshan Financial Leasing sell us relevant assets at a negotiated purchase price, and then Nanshan Financial Leasing rents such assets back to clients in order to obtain regular lease payments, which enables clients to meet fund demands and continue using relevant assets as a lessee. A typical sale-leaseback transaction involves the lessor and lessee.
  • ◆ Broadening Financing Channels and Revitalizing Stock of Assets Finance lease achieves the purpose of "financing" through "asset lease", provides enterprises with a new financing channel and broadens financing channels for enterprises. In a sale-leaseback model, an enterprise not only continues maintaining the right to use assets sold but also obtains the necessary working capital for development through the sale of the stock of assets, which effectively revitalizes the corporate stock assets and improves the efficiency of resource use.◆ Flexible Lease Forms, Taking up No Credit Line Funds obtained by an enterprise through finance lease will not affect its bank credit lines. Moreover, project alternatives can be provided for finance lease business according to projects conditions, background, requirements and of objectives all project parties, and the finance lease business may be carried out in a flexible portfolio to meet the needs of all parties.◆ Obt...
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2023 - 05 - 24
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2023 - 05 - 02
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2023 - 04 - 24
Announcements and Notices - [Notice of AGM]
2023 - 04 - 24
Weekly Financial Summary 2023-05-04
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Zhang Boli: The global epidemic risk of XBB.1.16 is lower than that of XBB.1.5 and other ongoing variants. Recently, the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control across the country has been stable. Although there has been an increase in infection of COVID-19 in some places, it is still sporadic. At present, the possibility of large-scale epidemic is small. Residents can reserve some commonly used drugs appropriately for emergency use, but there is no need to hoard a large amount of drugs.2. Central Committee of the Communist Youth League: As of the end of December 2022, there are a total of 73.583 million Communist Youth League members and 4.093 million Communist Youth League organizations nationwide. Among them, there are 3000 local committees of the Youth League, 189000 grassroots Youth League (Industry) committees, and 3.901 million Youth League (General) branches. The school has 1.868 million league organizations and 40.163 million me...
2023 - 05 - 04
Weekly Financial Summary 2023-05-08
Financial attentionForeign Exchange Bureau: At the end of April, the scale of foreign exchange reserves reached 3204.8 billion US dollars, an increase of 20.9 billion US dollars compared to the previous month; Gold reserve reported 66.76 million ounces, up 260000 ounces month on month, up for six consecutive months.Macroeconomics1. Shanghai Securities News: During the May Day holiday this year, the number of inbound and outbound personnel at Hongqiao Airport exceeded 29000. This is the first peak of inbound and outbound passenger flow since the resumption of international and Hong Kong Macao Taiwan routes at Hongqiao Airport on March 26th.2. Central Meteorological Observatory: On May 7, the highest temperature in Yuanyang, Yunnan, once reached 43.1 ℃, which is the first national station of this year to exceed 43 ℃.3. Global Network: A cargo ship loaded with corn has successfully arrived at Guangdong's Machong Port from South Africa, marking the official opening of the South African...
2023 - 05 - 08
Weekly Financial Summary 2023-05-15
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. China Securities News: On May 12th, some banks such as Ping An Bank and Dongying Bank issued a notice stating that they will suspend the sale of 'smart call deposit' products or handle smart call deposit business. Industry insiders point out that this may be related to several banks announcing adjustments to call deposit rates recently. The relevant departments have issued a notice requiring banks to control call deposits and increase interest rates on agreed deposits by a certain upper limit starting from May 15th.2. Zhou Hongyi: ChatGPT-4.0 is already the smartest 'person' on Earth. All high-tech companies are building their own big models, at least a 'thousand model battle', and without any surprises, it will soon develop into a 'ten thousand model battle'. In three to five years, various industries will be reshaped by GPT, so whoever doesn't embrace artificial intelligence now will be eliminated.3. Global Netwo...
2023 - 05 - 15
Weekly Financial Summary 2023-05-22
Financial attentionEconomic Daily: Exploring the establishment of a valuation system with Chinese characteristics cannot be simply understood as directly elevating the valuation level of state-owned enterprises and guiding funds to drive short-term and rapid stock price increases. This is not in line with the general laws of the capital market, nor is it conducive to the sustained and healthy development of state-owned enterprises. It is also contrary to the central government's requirement of 'creating a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic, and resilient capital market'. Whether state-owned or private enterprises, the ultimate measure of the market is its operational efficiency and whether it can continuously and stably create value.CCTV Finance: The US Treasury Department has hit the 'red line' of the debt ceiling, causing the federal government to be unable to maintain basic public spending and repay debt principal and interest debts. This day is called the ...
2023 - 05 - 22
Weekly Financial Summary 2023-05-29
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Dai Qionghai, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, stated that the cost of algorithmic large models is becoming increasingly high, with GPT-3 training costs of approximately $5 million per session and a cumulative investment of over $3 billion in GPT series research. And the model is becoming increasingly large, increasing by 20000 times in 5 years. Tasks are becoming increasingly diverse, with one model open source processing multiple tasks. The GPT-3 training data is approximately 450000 years of text volume for People's Daily.2. Reference news: The UK government is planning to require retailers to impose price limits on basic foods such as bread and milk to help cope with the rising cost of living. British Prime Minister Sunac's aides have already begun implementing an agreement similar to France, where major domestic retailers charge 'minimum fees' for some basic foods.3. Interface News: It is reported t...
2023 - 05 - 29
Weekly Financial Summary 2023-06-05
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. China Manned Space Engineering Office: At 6:33 on June 4th, the return module of the Shenzhou-15 manned spacecraft successfully landed at the Dongfeng landing site, and the mission was a complete success. As the oldest average astronaut crew to perform missions to date, it not only broke the record for the number of outbound activities of a single Chinese astronaut crew, but also witnessed the historical moment of the comprehensive construction of the Chinese space station.2. As of the end of 2022, the operating mileage of the Yangtze River Delta Railway reached 13749.7 kilometers, including 6704.4 kilometers of high-speed railways, which is equivalent to the total mileage of high-speed railways in Japan and Spain. According to the '14th Five Year Plan' for the development of the Yangtze River Delta Railway, by 2025, the 'Yangtze River Delta on track' will be basically completed, with nearly 16700 kilometers of railway operating milea...
2023 - 06 - 05
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