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Transport, especially aviation industry, is a typical high-tech industry, which gathers a large number of high-tech achievements of mankind. It not only reflects a national or regional economic development level and comprehensive scientific and technological R&D capabilities, but also plays an important role in the national development strategies with its own strong development potentials and driving force.  Nanshan Leasing has its own business team with professional experience in the aviation financial services, provides personalized financing services for international airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft maintenance plants and other types of enterprises in the aviation industry chain. The Company's subject matters mainly include aircrafts, engines, simu...
With the social development and general improvement of people's living standards and changes in human's life style, people's demands for health products has increased dramatically, and the health industry has become an important industry in guiding global economic development and social progress.  Nanshan Leasing mainly focuses on direct lease and sale-leaseback of medical equipment in public hospitals in the secondary level (or higher), provides financial leasing services for pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, medical centers, rehabilitation centers, retirement, tourism and other related industry chains, and provides clients with comprehensive financing solutions through flexible business modes of operation.
Public infrastructure is the material basis of normal operation and healthy development in a city, and plays an important rolein improving the living environment, the city's overall carrying capacity, the city's operational efficiency, and steadily promoting the new urbanization. Nanshan Leasing mainly supports finance lease in municipal infrastructure projects and public utilities related to people's livelihood, including finance lease for municipal roads, pipe network, ancillary equipment, water supply, electricity supply and heating as well as urban public transport. Meanwhile, Nanshan Leasing actively promotes finance lease for energy conservation and environmental protection, new energy, equipment manufacturing which are encouraged and supported by national policies.
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