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Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. China Telecom: The Institute of Artificial Intelligence released the first large-scale speech recognition model in the industry that supports the free mixing of 30 dialects - Xingchen Super Multi dialect Speech Recognition Model, which breaks the dilemma that a single model can only recognize a specific single dialect. It can simultaneously recognize and understand more than 30 dialects, such as Cantonese, Shanghai dialect, Sichuan dialect, Wenzhou dialect, etc. It is a large-scale speech recognition model that supports the most dialects in China.2. CCTV News: On May 24th, the National Key Water Conservancy Project - the Han Ji Wei River Diversion Project provided a daily water supply of 864000 cubic meters to the Heihe River Diversion System in Xi'a...
Date: 2024 - 05 - 27
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Medium disease control: COVID-19 variant JN. 1 is a sub branch of BA. 2.86. After entering November, the global proportion growth rate of the BA. 286 variant, especially the JN.1 sub branch, has significantly accelerated and has become one of the dominant epidemic strains in some countries. The monitoring results of COVID-19 variants in China show that since the first imported case of BA.2.86 variant was reported on August 31, 160 BA.2.86 and its sub branch sequences have been reported nationwide, and no severe or critical cases have been found. At present, ...
Date: 2023 - 12 - 18
Financial attentionMacroeconomicsCentral Bank: Recently, the People's Bank of China released the "China Financial Stability Report (2023)", which looks forward to the future. The Chinese economy has enormous development resilience and potential, and the long-term positive fundamentals have not changed. The financial system should adhere to the overall tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, fully, accurately, and comprehensively implement the new development concept, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, comprehensively deepen reform and opening ...
Date: 2023 - 12 - 25
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Chinese Embassy in the United States: In order to further facilitate the exchange of personnel between China and the United States, starting from January 1, 2024, the Chinese Embassy in the United States will waive the application materials for L-shaped (tourist) visas. Individuals traveling to China in the United States can apply for a visa to China without providing round-trip airfare, hotel orders, itinerary or invitation letters and other application materials.2. China Railway Shanghai Group: On the first day of the New Year's holiday, the Yangtze Ri...
Date: 2024 - 01 - 02
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. State Council: Issuing the Opinions on Further Improving the Budget System for State owned Capital Operations. Improve the mechanism for submitting state-owned capital returns and expand the coverage of state-owned capital operating budgets. Improve the efficiency of state-owned capital operation budget expenditure, optimize expenditure structure, focus on key areas and weak links, and enhance financial support for major national strategic tasks. Improve the management of state-owned capital operation budget, improve budget preparation, and improve the quali...
Date: 2024 - 01 - 08
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. State Administration of China: The central administrative and public institutions have accumulated more than 111400 pieces of assets in their public warehouses and more than 47600 pieces out of warehouses, saving 296 million yuan in purchase expenses. In 2024, we will further focus on asset management, make good use of the key grip of asset management informatization standardization, grasp the work ideas and scientific methods of asset management, and promote the high-quality development of government affairs.2. Lu Chongmao, Secretary of the Hong Kong Medica...
Date: 2024 - 01 - 15
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Meteorological Observatory: A yellow cold wave warning has been issued. It is expected that from 08:00 on January 21 to 20:00 on January 23, western Inner Mongolia, eastern Northeast China, northeastern Northwest China, western and northern North China, eastern Huanghuai River, most Jianghuai River, most Jiangnan River, southeastern Southwest China, and most of South China will cool by 8-10 ℃. Among them, eastern Jilin, eastern Liaoning, central northern Shanxi, central southern Zhejiang, etc Some areas in northern Fujian and other areas can experien...
Date: 2024 - 01 - 22
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Ministry of Transport: On January 26th, the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush, the cross regional personnel flow in the whole society reached 189.352 million, an increase of 9.5% month on month and 19.7% year-on-year. Among them, the national railway passenger volume reached 11.063 million, a month on month increase of 12.1% and a year-on-year increase of 78%. It is expected that more than 12.2 million passengers will be sent on January 27th.2. Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng: Last year, a total of 172000 domestic and foreign talents were introduced, a ...
Date: 2024 - 01 - 29
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Xinhua News Agency: In 2024, the No. 1 central document of the Central Government proposed to stimulate the dynamic vitality of rural revitalization. Initiate a pilot program to extend the second round of land contracting for another 30 years across the province. Establish a sound mechanism for the formation of land transfer prices and explore effective methods to prevent unreasonable increases in transfer costs. We will steadily and prudently promote the reform of the rural homestead system. Tax reduction and exemption will be implemented for collective ass...
Date: 2024 - 02 - 05
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. China Railway Group: On February 16th (the seventh day of the first lunar month), the national railway sent 15.288 million passengers, setting a new record for the daily passenger volume of Spring Festival travel for three consecutive days. On February 17th (the eighth day of the first lunar month), the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, the national railway is expected to send 16.2 million passengers, with an additional 2256 passenger trains, setting a new record for railway Spring Festival transportation capacity.2. Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Admi...
Date: 2024 - 02 - 18
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Meteorological Observatory: On February 25th at 6:00 am, a low temperature yellow warning will continue to be issued. It is expected that from 8:00 on February 25th to 8:00 on February 28th, the daily average temperature or minimum air temperature in the southern part of the Huanghuai River, the central and western parts of the Jianghuai River, the Jianghan River, the central and western parts of the Jiangnan River, the western parts of South China, most of Guizhou, the southern part of the Sichuan Basin, and the northern part of Xinjiang will be 5-7...
Date: 2024 - 02 - 26
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. The Central Bank of China issues a notice on matters related to counter business in the interbank bond market. At present, the scale of government bonds directly held by Chinese residents is relatively small, and there is still a lot of room for improvement compared to mature bond markets. By investing in the bond market through counter channels, savings can be efficiently converted into bond investments, increasing residents' property income. Accelerating the development of counter bond business is conducive to promoting the development of direct financ...
Date: 2024 - 03 - 04
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Bank: The next step will be to optimize cross-border RMB business policies, strengthen local and foreign currency coordination on the basis of "local currency priority", and continuously optimize basic institutional arrangements such as RMB cross-border transaction settlement; Improve the network infrastructure for the use of the renminbi and better leverage the currency swap mechanism to support cross-border trade and investment.2. Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Wang Xiaoping: In 2024, greater support will be provided to v...
Date: 2024 - 03 - 11
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