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In the post epidemic era, the development opportunities of the education

Date: 2022-11-28
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In the post epidemic era, the development opportunities of the education and training industry in the post epidemic era, there are at least three obvious trends:

1. Users have developed various online habits, including online learning.

2. The demand and urgency of people for knowledge have greatly increased. Affected by the economic downturn, whether it is to improve their competitiveness or expand more income channels, they need to learn to 'recharge' themselves.

3. Family education, emotional counseling, TCM health and other industries have attracted much attention. Affected by the epidemic, people began to pay more attention to physical health, mental health, family relationship health and other aspects. These new changes and normalcy will bring new development opportunities to the education and training industry: user education has been completed, and education and training institutions can build online private domain platforms as soon as possible to online teaching products and services, expand enrollment scope with the help of Internet+private domain operations, and use new tools and new games to cover more people with knowledge, so that the power of knowledge will be greater!

02 How can education and training institutions build a private domain platform and seize development opportunities?

The first step to seize the development opportunities is, of course, to build a private domain platform, and private domain operation has many benefits for education and training institutions.

1. Reduce the cost of expanding customers: There are many ways to play private domains to guide fission.

2. Improve user conversion rate: the private domain can be reached for free for many times.

3. Improve customer price: private domain can improve user trust and recognition.

4. Users can realize it repeatedly: leave users in the private domain, refine operations, and prolong the customer life cycle.

5. Keep up with the tide of digital change and digitize valuable user assets.

So, how can education and training institutions build a private domain platform?

1. Build a private domain platform for knowledge stores based on the official account through technical service providers, makers and craftsmen

WeChat ecology is currently recognized as the best platform for private domain. It is based on the official account to build a knowledge store. Users only need to pay attention to the online store.

The method can be to record offline courses synchronously, put them on the shelf in the knowledge store for students to review after class for free, and then guide students into the official account store with services such as clocking in homework. Or they can give away online platform VIP to students for in-depth online experience.

3. Online fission drainage: free course+live broadcast+polite recommendation/invitation ranking

With seed users and high-quality online courses, teachers can start online fission drainage. For example, teachers can open public benefit live classes in the background of makers and craftsmen, and broadcast them to the video number with one click to increase exposure. Then open the invitation ranking list in the live broadcast room, and give prizes to the top five teaching auxiliary peripheral products, platform VIPs, large amount coupons, free special columns, etc., to encourage users to actively invite new users to the list.

At the same time, the teacher can also open a gift recommendation activity in the old student community to encourage the old students to actively share, recommend friends to visit the store or place an order or register, etc. with a surprise gift package and bonus.

4. Knowledge realization: live delivery+seckill+VIP/column/training camp/mall products

Teachers can use the live video delivery function in the live broadcast room to sell VIP or course or physical mall products, with some scripts, coupons, time limited discounts and other functions to stimulate users to place orders as soon as possible.

5. Channel building: Promoters+partners

After having a group of loyal members, the teacher can also open the rights of promoters, let the users who are willing to promote share the promotion money, and then screen according to the data to further cultivate high-quality promoters into the exclusive community to improve their promotion efficiency.

In addition, we can further transform the users who have the ability and willingness into agent partners, so that they can get a higher promotion ratio than ordinary promoters, and pay the fees to obtain some enrollment quotas, so that they can enroll students themselves and gain benefits. At the same time, teachers have several more enrollment channels to achieve a win-win situation.

6. Get through online and offline: make an appointment to drain offline courses

Of course, as an organization with physical stores, it will not give up offline business while expanding online business. Online enrollment has been continuously diverted, and teachers have diverted students to offline stores through online booking and activity functions to achieve secondary transformation.

To sum up, the post epidemic era is still conducive to online education, which is also a good time for teachers to accelerate online transformation. Good content+good tools+good model, I believe that teachers will be able to soar at the key turning point of the industry!

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