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Weekly Financial Summary 2023-05-04

Date: 2023-05-04
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Financial attention


1. Zhang Boli: The global epidemic risk of XBB.1.16 is lower than that of XBB.1.5 and other ongoing variants. Recently, the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control across the country has been stable. Although there has been an increase in infection of COVID-19 in some places, it is still sporadic. At present, the possibility of large-scale epidemic is small. Residents can reserve some commonly used drugs appropriately for emergency use, but there is no need to hoard a large amount of drugs.

2. Central Committee of the Communist Youth League: As of the end of December 2022, there are a total of 73.583 million Communist Youth League members and 4.093 million Communist Youth League organizations nationwide. Among them, there are 3000 local committees of the Youth League, 189000 grassroots Youth League (Industry) committees, and 3.901 million Youth League (General) branches. The school has 1.868 million league organizations and 40.163 million members.

3. China Energy News: This summer, the temperature in most parts of China may be relatively high, and the situation of energy supply and demand remains severe. The national electricity supply and demand balance is tight, and the local peak hours of electricity supply and demand are tight. It is expected that the total electricity consumption in China this year will be about 9.25 trillion kilowatt hours, an increase of about 7% compared to the previous year. It is expected that the growth rate of electricity consumption in the second and third industries will rebound significantly compared to the previous year, and the second industry will once again become the main driving force for electricity consumption growth.

4. CCTV News: The European Commission issued a statement on May 2nd local time, stating that from that day until June 5th, Ukraine's wheat, corn, rapeseed, and sunflower seeds will be prohibited from being exported to five EU countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, but these agricultural products are allowed to be exported

5. Egyptian Supply Minister: is considering approving the use of the currencies of its commodity trading partners, including China, India, and Russia, in an attempt to reduce demand for the US dollar.

Stock market inventory

1. On Wednesday, the Hang Seng Index fell 1.18% to 19699.16. The Hang Seng Technology Index fell 1.63% to 3835.06. The state-owned enterprise index fell 1.36% to 6589.35. The oil and gas and semiconductor sectors led the decline, with China National Petroleum Corporation falling 4.5%, China National Offshore Oil Corporation falling 3.3%, and SMIC International falling more than 3%. NIO Motors and Baidu closed down nearly 3%.

2. Haitong Securities: Since October 2022, it has been the beginning of a bull market, and compared to history, the structural differentiation of the first wave of bull market rise is more significant. In the early stages of a bull market, similar to spring, it is normal for the market to experience fluctuations. Under the influence of short-term policies and performance factors, the industry may become more balanced. The digital economy is the main theme throughout the year, and in the future, it may be based on fundamental principles to eliminate falsehood and preserve authenticity, with a phased focus on the recovery of some consumption.

3. Pengpai News: According to data from 5067 companies that have disclosed annual reports, domestic listed companies have achieved a total revenue of 71.53 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.2%; The net profit was 5.63 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.8%, and the overall performance maintained a stable growth trend. The annual revenue growth rate of the Science and Technology Innovation Board is leading, reaching 29.3%; The growth rate of net profit on the Growth Enterprise Market is leading, reaching 11.3%.

4. Securities Times: The disclosure of the 2022 and 2023 first quarter reports of listed companies has been closed. In 2022, due to the drag of proprietary business, the overall performance of securities firms declined. However, in the first quarter, against the backdrop of the increase in the securitization rate of state-owned enterprises, the increase in investment banking volume brought by the registration system, the stable trading volume of the capital market expansion of trillion yuan, and the recovery of proprietary business, the performance of securities firms generally achieved growth, and the performance growth of small and medium-sized securities firms was more significant.

5. Xiangxin Technology: From January to April, we obtained a letter of intent from clients (according to the confidentiality agreement with relevant clients, the specific names of each client cannot be disclosed), with an estimated total project amount of 14.9-15.1 billion yuan and a project period of 1-7 years. Downstream clients include new energy vehicles, power batteries, energy storage and photovoltaic inverters, communication and other industries.

6. Aoyuan Meigu: The company's stock was suspended for one day from the opening of the market on May 4th and resumed trading on May 5th. Since the opening of the market on May 5th, it has been subject to 'delisting risk warning' and 'other risk warnings', and the stock abbreviation has been changed from 'Aoyuan Meigu' to '* ST Meigu'.

Wealth Focus

1. Securities Times: In the first quarter, the investment performance of insurance funds rebounded. The overall annualized total investment return of the industry is around 3.5%, while the comprehensive investment return exceeds 5%. Last year, the total investment return of insurance funds was 3.76%, while the comprehensive investment return was only 1.83%, which is the lowest level in previous years.

2. Financial breakfast: Hot topics keep coming up, tracking what you want to hear. How hot is the consumption heat of the 'May Day' holiday life service industry? What is the reason for the strong recovery of the service industry? Which directions may benefit? Financial friends, quickly move to the end of the article to check today's financial secret tracking # Service industry is blooming in spring

Industry Observation

1. Feizhu: The pre order volume of domestic tourism during the May Day holiday this year has doubled compared to the Spring Festival, setting a historical peak for the May Day holiday. Domestic tickets increased by 127% compared to the Spring Festival, domestic hotels increased by 95% compared to the Spring Festival, and train tickets increased by 117% compared to the Spring Festival. At the same time, the overall unit price for customers increased by about 50% compared to last year.

2. Cat's Eye Professional Edition: As of 19:00 on May 3rd, the total box office of the May 1st 2023 season has exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, with 'Life's Road Not Familiar', 'King of the Sky', and 'Over the Years' ranking in the top three.

3. Shanghai Securities News: New car promotion activities represented by new energy vehicles and new energy vehicle charging facilities have become hot topics in the car market during the May Day holiday. SAIC, GAC, and other companies actively organize special events to encourage automobile consumption. Among them, SAIC Group has launched nearly 3000 discounted cars from 13 new brands, with a maximum discount of 130000 yuan and a minimum discount of 55%, and is supplemented by national car purchase subsidies.

4. SamNews24: Industry experts believe that Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, and Micron are vigorously promoting the popularization of DDR5 memory to curb the downward trend in the semiconductor market. DDR5 DRAM is the latest DRAM specification, with twice the performance compared to DDR4 DRAM. DDR4 DRAM currently holds the majority of the memory market share.

5. SNE Research: In the first quarter, the total number of newly registered electric vehicle batteries globally increased by 38.6% year-on-year, to 133GWh. China's Ningde Times ranks first with a market share of 35%, while BYD ranks second with a market share of 16.2%. The first quarter loading volume of the two companies increased by 35.9% and 115.5% respectively year-on-year, to 46.6 and 21.5 GWh.

Financial data


1. Asia: The Nikkei 225 index rose 0.12% to 29157.95. The South Korean KOSPI index fell 0.91% to 2501.40.

2. US stocks: The Dow Jones industrial average closed 0.80% lower at 33414.24 points; The Nasdaq closed down 0.46% at 12025.33 points; The S&P 500 closed 0.70% lower at 4090.75 points.

3. Europe: The FTSE 100 in the UK closed up 0.20% at 7788.37 points; The German DAX30 closed up 0.56% at 15815.06 points; France CAC40 closed up 0.28% at 7403.83.

4. Gold: COMEX June gold futures settled 0.7% higher at $2037 per ounce.

5. Crude oil: WTI's June crude oil futures settlement price fell 4.27% to $68.60 per barrel; Brent crude oil futures for July closed 3.97% lower at $72.33 per barrel.

·Service industry blooming in spring·

China Youth Daily: The consumption heat of the life service industry during the May Day holiday this year continues to be high. In the first three days of the holiday, the online daily consumption scale of the national life service industry increased by 133% compared to the same period in 2019, marking the busiest May Day in five years. The consumption scale of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places ranked among the top five in the country. Among them, the scale of national catering consumption has increased by 92% compared to the same period in 2019, and the number of scenic spot ticket bookings has doubled. The consumption enthusiasm sparked by the May Day holiday will play an important role in boosting consumption throughout the year, helping to further expand domestic demand, continuously stimulate consumption potential, and assist in the positive and stable development of the domestic economy.

Xinhua News Agency: During the May Day holiday, there was a heavy flow of people at airports and train stations; Popular scenic spots are crowded with people; Repeatedly recreating the lively scene of 'waiting for food and queuing for check-in'... Driven by multiple factors, the familiar scene of hot consumption is accelerating its return. Since the beginning of this year, overall consumption has shown a recovery trend. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the total retail sales of consumer goods in the first quarter increased by 5.8% year-on-year, and the contribution rate of final consumer spending to economic growth reached 66.6%. At the same time, it should also be noted that residents' consumption willingness needs to be further improved, and the potential for bulk consumption such as automobiles, home appliances, and housing needs to be further unleashed. The driving force for the sustained rebound in consumption still needs to be further boosted.

Caitong Securities: As the first May Day holiday after the optimization of epidemic prevention and control policies, residents' enthusiasm for travel and related consumption has been boosted by consumer promotion activities. From the perspective of travel data, the activity of domestic travel has significantly rebounded. According to Ctrip data, the popularity of domestic flight search has nearly tripled compared to the same period last year, and overseas travel has also been repaired. The number of international flight flights in the week before the holiday reached a new high within the year. At the same time, film, catering, and tourism consumption are all showing a hot trend, with box office revenue and viewership of May 1st films significantly increasing compared to the same period last year; According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, the sales of key catering enterprises increased by about 37% year-on-year on the first day of the holiday, and the year-on-year growth rate on May 1st has exceeded 60%; Hotel accommodation has rebounded, and the search popularity for hotels in China has exceeded 9 times that of the same period last year. Overall, the current recovery trend of service consumption is relatively strong, while the recovery of bulk consumption such as automobiles and home appliances still lags behind.

On the economic front, the April Politburo meeting held on April 28th affirmed the economic recovery in the first quarter and emphasized the development of technology, including new energy and artificial intelligence. As the slope of economic growth slows down, the market may switch more from focusing on economic aggregate to focusing on structure in the second quarter. The recovery of consumer sentiment and the strong recovery of consumption, as long as residents' savings can be gradually released, driving funds to operate in the real economy, will only be a matter of time for the comprehensive recovery of domestic economic growth. In addition, we also conducted calendar effect statistics for the 5 trading days after the May Day holiday. During the 18 year period from 2005 to 2022, the five trading days after May Day showed a relatively obvious dominance of small and medium-sized stocks.

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