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Weekly Financial Summary 2024-01-08

Date: 2024-01-08
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Financial attention


1. State Council: Issuing the Opinions on Further Improving the Budget System for State owned Capital Operations. Improve the mechanism for submitting state-owned capital returns and expand the coverage of state-owned capital operating budgets. Improve the efficiency of state-owned capital operation budget expenditure, optimize expenditure structure, focus on key areas and weak links, and enhance financial support for major national strategic tasks. Improve the management of state-owned capital operation budget, improve budget preparation, and improve the quality of draft budget preparation for state-owned capital operation in accordance with the principle of income and expenditure balance.

2. Ning Jizhe, former director of the Bureau of Statistics, said that there are still various administrative controls and institutional obstacles in big cities, mega cities, and mega cities, such as restricting residents' housing, cars, and even fireworks and firecrackers consumption. These should be gradually eliminated, which are the potential of institutional reform.

3. CCTV News: China's third-generation independent superconducting quantum computer "Honyuan Wukong" was launched and put into operation at 9:00 am on January 6, 2024. This quantum computer is equipped with a 72 bit autonomous superconducting quantum chip called "Wukong Chip", and is currently the most advanced programmable and deliverable superconducting quantum computer in China. Superconducting quantum computer is a quantum computer based on superconducting circuit quantum chips. Internationally, both IBM and Google Quantum Computers adopt the superconducting technology route.

4. Securities Daily: Since Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand successively issued visa free policies towards China, many listed airlines have been working hard to add and encrypt Southeast Asian routes. On January 5, 2024, listed airlines such as China Eastern Airlines and Lucky Air announced the encryption of routes to popular Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Singapore.

5. IoT: In 2023, the average global manufacturing PMI was 48.5%, a year-on-year decrease of 3.3 percentage points, and a consecutive month on month increase for three consecutive months. From a regional perspective, the average PMI of Asia's manufacturing industry is 50.7%, unchanged from the previous year; The average PMI of the manufacturing industry in the Americas was 47.5%, a year-on-year decrease of 5.6 percentage points; The average PMI of African manufacturing industry is 48.8%, a year-on-year decrease of 1.9 percentage points; The average manufacturing PMI in Europe was 46.3%, a year-on-year decrease of 5.6 percentage points.

Stock market inventory

1. China Securities News: As of 17:00 on January 5, 2024, 57 listed companies have released their 2023 performance forecasts, of which 36 are expected to see net profit growth, with an expected positive rate of 63%; 17 other companies are expected to experience a decline or loss, while 4 have announced their annual revenue range but have not disclosed their net profit.

2. Securities Daily: In the era of large-scale asset management, the overall scale of securities firms' asset management is showing a trend of "private placement decreasing and public offering increasing", and the business pattern is undergoing reshaping. Infiltration into public offerings has become a necessary option for securities firms to improve and strengthen their asset management, as well as an important lever for differentiated development. The management scale has reached nearly one trillion yuan, and the future "base content" will lay the foundation for the development of securities firms' asset management.

3. Wang Guogang from Renmin University of China: Improve the transparency of various information in the stock market, effectively implement the principles of "openness, fairness, and impartiality", especially timely and complete disclosure of information and policies that have a substantial impact on the rights and interests of stock market investors. Intensify the punishment for illegal and irregular behaviors, establish a compensation system for stock market investors for violators, and form a new mechanism of not daring to break the law, not daring to break the law, and not wanting to break the law.

4. Securities Times: From December 29, 2023 to January 5, 2024, approximately 178 companies in the two cities were surveyed by institutions. Securities companies conducted research on 153 companies, with 85.96% of the research activities involving securities companies. In the list of institutional research, a total of 52 companies have been surveyed by more than 20 institutions, with new industries receiving the most attention.

Industry observation

1. EVTank: It is expected that by 2030, with a large amount of automotive power batteries entering the recycling process, the recycling volume of lithium-ion batteries in China will reach 6.028 million tons, and its market size will exceed 100 billion yuan. At present, there are many companies that layout battery recycling, including battery companies, material companies, vehicle companies, traditional energy-saving and environmental protection companies, etc.

2. CCTV News: With the sharp increase in demand for coal in winter, many regions in Shanxi have entered a peak in coal transportation. In the mining areas of Yangquan City, coal enterprises have taken multiple measures to promote coal supply, with a daily average outward transportation volume exceeding 60000 tons.

3. Pengpai News: Starting from January 2024, Shanghai and Jiaxing have taken the lead in achieving the interconnection of the Ministry of Transportation's QR codes. Citizens of the two cities do not need to download each other's apps or apply for each other's travel codes, and can use locally issued travel codes to achieve one code public transportation. According to the work arrangement of "one code access" in the transportation field of the Yangtze River Delta, pilot projects for the interconnection and renovation of Shanghai and 11 cities in the Yangtze River Delta will be launched in 2024.

4. Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers: In 2023, 181 batches of automotive products were recalled, with a total of 7.28 million units recalled, an increase of 142% compared to the same period last year. Foreign funded enterprises have more recalls, and the number of self recalls is gradually increasing. The number of recalls for new energy vehicles is gradually increasing, with the exception of Tesla's 1.1 million recalls for energy recovery, the overall number of new energy recalls is not significant.

5. CCTV Finance: Chinese and American researchers have jointly developed the world's first functional semiconductor made of graphene materials. This heralds the arrival of a new era of electronics, paving the way for the development of smaller, faster, and more efficient electronic devices. However, it is estimated that it will be 10 to 15 years before graphene semiconductors are fully implemented.

6. Reference news: It is reported that Nvidia will resume the shipment of "special edition" AI chips to China. Currently, the United States seems to have softened its sales attitude towards China, and mass production of H20 and other AI chips will begin in the second quarter of 2024.

7. Pengpai News: On January 6, 2024 local time, Alaska Airlines grounded 65 Boeing MAX-9 aircraft, and Alaska Airlines expects the inspection of the 737 MAX-9 to continue for several days. Previously, an Alaska Airlines flight made an emergency landing after an accident in the air.

Financial data

1. Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange: In 2023, the cumulative trading volume was 3.533 billion hands, a year-on-year increase of 47.35%, accounting for 41.56% of the national futures market and ranking first among domestic futures exchanges. The market size is steadily expanding, and the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy have significantly improved. As of now, there are a total of 25 futures varieties and 16 options varieties, ranking first in the country in terms of quantity.

Keywords for young people: The 2023 Young People Search Keyword Report has been released, with AIGC, online learning, landing, leveling, MBTI testing, relaxation, City walk, spiritual enhancement, and matchmaking becoming the annual keywords. The frequent occurrence of buzzwords such as AIGC tools, AI cultural images, and AI writing represents the strong demand of young people for efficiency improvement. The changes in "spiritual nourishment" for young people are more worthy of attention. Concerts, online novels, and app membership can provide more spiritual nourishment for young people, enriching their spiritual world. Whether choosing "replacement" or pursuing "spiritual nourishment", young people are all seeking more "relaxation", which also reflects their greater emphasis on inner freedom and comfort.

Young people are setting up flags: New Year's Day has just passed, and the Lunar New Year is not far away. In the strong atmosphere of review and outlook, young people also have a sense of ceremony in setting their new year's flag (goal setting) on social media. I want to lose 10 pounds in the new year, stay up late no more than twice a week, and soak my feet in winter at least once every two days. The transition from "anxious body shape" to "health and wellness". The ability to engage in lifelong learning has become crucial in transitioning from passive learning to actively cultivating oneself. The times move forward, and young people move forward. Carrying a beautiful wish and living and working down-to-earth, this generation of young people deserves our praise.

Young people in financial management: In recent years, second-hand e-commerce platforms have become a "paradise" for young people to seek discounts and hobbies. Taobao various discount coupons, picking up scarce products, chasing stars, grabbing online courses, etc. As the main force of second-hand consumption, young people have developed many highly cost-effective new consumer gameplay on second-hand idle platforms. They not only search for unique products on second-hand platforms, but also resell these products through second-hand platforms to "revive" after trying them out. Various players are flocking to the second-hand e-commerce track, and the competition in the industry will become increasingly fierce in the future. This is also forcing second-hand e-commerce platforms to actively make changes and drive the entire second-hand market to develop in a positive direction.

Young people are watching: For the new tea beverage industry, this is an era that belongs to young people. When it comes to the popular internet celebrity tea drink, it is undoubtedly the tea that always queues up, such as Tea Beauty and Joyful Tea. The preferences of young people are always unpredictable, and more ideas are needed to capture consumers. Therefore, the tea industry has turned to joint marketing, from collaborating with luxury brands such as FENDI and Maotai, to collaborating with cartoons, and then to collaborating with national dramas and online games. The older generation has used eighteen different skills to connect the preferences of young people that can be imagined. The careful thinking of pleasing young people appears urgent and sincere. However, retaining young people is a simple yet complex statement. How can we laugh until the end?

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