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Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Chan Mo po: On May 12th, after more than a year of progress, as of the end of April, various talent programs received about 290000 applications, of which about 180000 had been approved and about 120000 people had arrived in Hong Kong. According to a survey conducted at the end of last year, the average median age of individuals approved under the "Gaocai Tong" plan was 35 years old, with six becoming married and generally bringing their families to Hong Kong.2. Brokerage China: The maximum total amount of the two treasury bond issued by the Ministry of Finance this time is 30 billion yuan. The term is divided into three years and five years, and the annual coupon rate is 2.38% and 2.5% respectively. Although th...
Date: 2024 - 05 - 13
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. CCTV News: In the next 10 days, there will be frequent rainfall processes in areas such as Jiangnan and South China. Compared to the same period in many years, some areas in southern Jiangsu and Anhui have accumulated more precipitation. According to the development of the flood situation, the National Flood Control Administration launched a Level 4 emergency response for Guangxi and Jiangsu on June 18th, continuing to maintain the Level 4 emergency response for Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, and Guizhou.2. Overseas network: North India has been suf...
Date: 2023 - 06 - 19
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. China Macroeconomic Forum: Currently, China's economic recovery is in a critical period of transition from the stage of social order and transaction repair to the stage of balance sheet repair. It is expected that the actual year-on-year growth rate for the first to fourth quarters will be 4.5%, 7.7%, 4.5%, and 5.9%, respectively; The cumulative year-on-year growth rate is 4.5%, 6.2%, 5.6%, and 5.7%, which means the economic growth rate in the first half of the year was 6.2%.2. State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission: On June 25th, t...
Date: 2023 - 06 - 26
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Ning Jizhe, Deputy Director of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC): The expected economic growth target of about 5% can be achieved. At the same time, it should be noted that greater efforts should be made to achieve effective improvement in the quality of economic operation and reasonable growth in quantity this year. In particular, enterprises should give full play to their important role as market production and operation entities, especially SMEs.2. Jiang Guangzhi, Director of the Beijing Municipal...
Date: 2023 - 07 - 03
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. CCTV News: United States Secretary of the Treasury Yellen summarized his visit to China. The meetings with senior Chinese officials in recent days have been 'direct and productive', helping to stabilize bilateral relations. The United States does not seek to 'decouple' from the Chinese economy. The purpose of this visit to China is to establish and deepen the relationship with the new economic team of China, and to pave the way for future cooperation between the two countries in areas such as climate change and debt crisis.2. Ministry of Agri...
Date: 2023 - 07 - 10
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. CCTV News Client: On July 16th, China Eastern Airlines officially received the second domestically produced C919 large passenger aircraft in Shanghai. The arrival of a new C919 aircraft marks the acceleration of China Eastern Airlines' commercial operation of the C919 large passenger aircraft. The second C919 will partner with the first aircraft and first enter the China Eastern Airlines' 'Shanghai Hongqiao Chengdu Tianfu' air express line, gradually expanding more routes in the future.2. United Nations: In recent years, 165 million new peopl...
Date: 2023 - 07 - 17
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. CCTV News: On July 23rd, there was moderate rain and localized heavy rain in the northern part of the Jiamin River Basin; On 24-27, moderate to heavy rain and local rainstorm occurred near the main stream of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. The middle and lower reaches of Jinsha River, Jiamin River Basin, Chishui River, Wujiang River, and the Three Gorges area will be flooded, and some small and medium-sized rivers in the rainfall area may have over warning floods. The risk of mountain torrents caused by local heavy rainfall is high. On July 23rd, the...
Date: 2023 - 07 - 24
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Meteorological Station: Red alert for rainstorm is issued. It is estimated that from 20:00 on July 30 to 20:00 on July 31, there will be heavy to rainstorm in most parts of Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, central and northern Shanxi, among which, there will be heavy rainstorm in parts of northeastern Shanxi, central Hebei and other regions, and extremely heavy rainstorm in parts of central Hebei along the mountains and other regions; Scattered heavy rain or rainstorm occurs in the south central Inner Mongolia, northern Henan, northwestern Shandong and south...
Date: 2023 - 07 - 31
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Newsweek: At present, the infection level of COVID-19 in Shanghai is consistent with that of the whole country. Since July, the proportion of patients with severe COVID-19 infection admitted in the infection department of Huashan Hospital has been about 5%, which is mainly concentrated in the first positive, elderly, poor control of basic diseases and people who have not received COVID-19 vaccine. According to the immune cycle, the next wave of COVID-19 epidemic may occur in November this autumn.2. Economic Observer Network: Since May, global funds have begu...
Date: 2023 - 08 - 07
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. State Council: Ensure that foreign-invested enterprises participate in government procurement activities in accordance with the law. Clarify the specific standards for 'production within China'. Research and innovate collaborative procurement methods, and support foreign-invested enterprises in developing globally leading products in China through measures such as first purchase ordering. Carry out special inspections to ensure the fair participation of business entities in government procurement activities, and investigate and punish illegal and irr...
Date: 2023 - 08 - 14
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Meteorological Station: At 18:00 on August 20, the blue warning for rainstorm and the blue warning for severe convection weather will continue to be issued. From the night of August 20 to 22, there will be light to moderate rain or heavy rain in Southwest China, North China, Northeast China, Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan and South China, and local rainstorm or heavy rainstorm, with scattered heavy rainfall; Some of the above areas are accompanied by strong convective weather such as short-term heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, strong winds, or hail.2. M...
Date: 2023 - 08 - 21
(Hong Kong, 18 Aug 2023) – Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited ('Hang Seng Indexes Company') today announced the results of its review of the Hang Seng Family of Indexes for the quarter ended 30 June 2023. All changes will take effect on 4 September 2023 (Monday). 1. Hang Seng Index The following constituent changes will be made to the Hang Seng Index. The total number of constituents remains unchanged at 80. Inclusion:CodeCompany1099Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd. – H shares Removal:CodeCompany2007Country Garden Holdings Co. Ltd. The list of constituents is provide...
Date: 2023 - 08 - 21
The policy toolbox of 'revitalizing the capital market and boosting investor confidence' presents three major policies.On August 27th, the China Securities Regulatory Commission stated that based on recent market conditions, the pace of IPO will be gradually tightened to promote dynamic balance between investment and financing; For large-scale refinancing of listed companies in the financial industry or other industries with large market capitalization, implement a pre communication mechanism, pay attention to the necessity of financing and the timing of issuance.At the same time, furt...
Date: 2023 - 08 - 28
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