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Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, Chan Mo po: On May 12th, after more than a year of progress, as of the end of April, various talent programs received about 290000 applications, of which about 180000 had been approved and about 120000 people had arrived in Hong Kong. According to a survey conducted at the end of last year, the average median age of individuals approved under the "Gaocai Tong" plan was 35 years old, with six becoming married and generally bringing their families to Hong Kong.2. Brokerage China: The maximum total amount of the two treasury bond issued by the Ministry of Finance this time is 30 billion yuan. The term is divided into three years and five years, and the annual coupon rate is 2.38% and 2.5% respectively. Although th...
Date: 2024 - 05 - 13
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Bank Mu Changchun: To achieve the use of digital RMB as a payment tool in all retail scenarios. Wallet providers such as WeChat, Alipay, the commercial bank Palm APP as an operating agency, and the APP of other third-party payment institutions should have a sense of compliance, obtain corresponding financial licenses, and obey supervision. In the short term, it is possible to unify the QR code standard from a technical perspective and achieve barcode mutual recognition.2. Zheng Wei from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange: In the first half ...
Date: 2023 - 09 - 04
On September 6th, Jiao Jinhong, the chief lawyer of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, stated at the 2nd Financial Street Asset Management Forum that currently, the Commission has focused on high-quality development and the construction of a modern capital market system with Chinese characteristics, and has preliminarily formed a policy framework of '1+N+X'. This marks the beginning of a new round of deepening reform and opening up in the capital market.There are two 'N's' among them, Jiao Jinhong said. One' N 'is to formulate and implement an action plan f...
Date: 2023 - 09 - 11
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Xinhua News Agency: The two-day 'Group of 77 and China' summit closed on September 16th in the capital of Cuba, Havana. The summit passed the Havana Declaration, calling for comprehensive reform of the international financial structure and the construction of a more inclusive and coordinated global economic governance pattern. In addition, through a separate statement, Mexico was agreed to rejoin the 'Group of 77 and China' mechanism.2. Ministry of Public Security: Yunnan public security organs were deployed to strengthen border police cooper...
Date: 2023 - 09 - 18
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Premier Li Qiang of the State Council: China's economy is at a critical juncture of high-quality development and must further enhance development confidence and maintain a focus on transformation and upgrading. The rapid development of specialized and innovative enterprises fully reflects the strong resilience and vitality of China's economy. For specialized, refined, and innovative enterprises, innovation is the soul. We hope that everyone can focus on their main business, grasp the green mountains, and hone their internal skills, vigorously promote...
Date: 2023 - 09 - 25
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Meteorological Observatory: It is expected that from October 14th to 16th, there will be rainy and snowy weather in the western region, and the northern region will be affected by cold air. Local cooling can reach 10 ℃, and temperatures in some northern regions will reach new lows. For example, the lowest temperature in Xining, Qinghai from October 15th to 16th in the morning will drop to 0 ℃; On the morning of October 17th in Harbin, Heilongjiang, the lowest temperature may drop to -1 ℃.2. Cailian News Agency: The peak of influenza vaccine vaccinati...
Date: 2023 - 10 - 16
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Statistics Bureau: From January to September, industrial enterprises above designated size nationwide achieved a total profit of 5411.99 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 9.0%, and achieved operating revenue of 96.35 trillion yuan, which remained unchanged year-on-year. At the end of September, the asset liability ratio of industrial enterprises above designated size was 57.6%, a year-on-year increase of 0.2 percentage points.2. Ministry of Finance: From January to September, the total operating revenue of state-owned enterprises was 61968.95 billion ...
Date: 2023 - 10 - 30
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Financial Work Conference: Always maintain the stability of monetary policy and pay more attention to cross cycle and countercyclical regulation; Conduct five major articles on technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, elderly care finance, and digital finance; Establish a long-term mechanism for preventing and resolving local debt risks, and optimize the debt structure of central and local governments; Satisfy the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises with different ownership systems without discrimination, better support...
Date: 2023 - 11 - 06
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Bank Governor Pan Gongsheng: Recently, relevant regions have taken measures such as revitalizing or selling assets, actively raising resources to resolve debts, and achieved good results. On this basis, the financial management department actively takes action to guide financial institutions to resolve the debt risks of financing platforms through market-oriented methods such as extension, borrowing, repayment, and replacement, and to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of financial institutions in accordance with the law; Establish a norma...
Date: 2023 - 11 - 13
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Bureau of Statistics: Published average wage data for urban non private and private sector employees in 31 provinces in 2022. In the non private sector, there are 18 provinces with more than 100000 yuan, among which the top ten are Shanghai, Beijing, Xizang, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Qinghai, Ningxia and Chongqing. Among them, the average salary of non private sector employees in Shanghai and Beijing exceeds 200000 yuan, which is far ahead of other provinces.2. CCTV News: In the fourth quarter, the central government issued an additional 1 trill...
Date: 2023 - 11 - 20
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. China will carry out the construction of embedded service facilities in urban communities. The Implementation Plan for the Construction of Embedded Service Facilities in Urban Communities clearly states that the scope of the construction of embedded service facilities in urban communities covers all types of cities, with priority given to promoting construction in large cities with a permanent population of over 1 million. Taking into account factors such as population distribution, work foundation, and financial level, around 50 cities were selected for pil...
Date: 2023 - 11 - 27
Financial attentionMacroeconomicsShanghai should take this as its main focus and coordinate the work of driving economic and social development in all aspects. We need to strengthen linkage with the Yangtze River Delta region and better leverage its radiating and driving role. To comprehensively deepen reform and opening up from a higher starting point, enhance development momentum and competitiveness.2. Li Yunze, Director of the State Administration for Financial Regulation: We will resolutely fight a tough and protracted battle, with a focus on accelerating the reform and insurance transform...
Date: 2023 - 12 - 04
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Development and Reform Commission: The Chinese economy is recovering and has a bright future for development. Since 2023, the Chinese economy has overcome difficulties and challenges, withstood downward pressure, and made a tortuous progress; Economic development still has many favorable conditions and supporting factors, and its contribution to global economic growth will reach one-third this year; The Chinese economy has strong resilience, ample potential, and broad room for maneuver. The long-term positive fundamentals have not changed, and the market exp...
Date: 2023 - 12 - 11
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