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Weekly Financial Summary 2024-01-15

Date: 2024-01-15
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Financial attention


1. State Administration of China: The central administrative and public institutions have accumulated more than 111400 pieces of assets in their public warehouses and more than 47600 pieces out of warehouses, saving 296 million yuan in purchase expenses. In 2024, we will further focus on asset management, make good use of the key grip of asset management informatization standardization, grasp the work ideas and scientific methods of asset management, and promote the high-quality development of government affairs.

2. Lu Chongmao, Secretary of the Hong Kong Medical and Health Bureau: The COVID-19 flu season is expected to last until the end of February to March. The cancellation of mask orders this winter has resulted in lower levels of influenza prevention and immunity among citizens. It is expected that the situation will be more severe, but there is no need to panic.

3. Hong Kong Tourism Development Council: In 2023, there were approximately 34 million visitors to Hong Kong, with nearly 4 million visitors in December. The mainland is the largest market for visitors to Hong Kong; The Southeast Asian market has recovered the fastest, with the passenger volume in the Philippines and Thailand exceeding pre pandemic levels in December, recovering to 116% and 106% respectively.

4. Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports: In the first week of this year's New Year, Thailand received over 600000 foreign tourists, including over 80000 Chinese tourists, ranking first among foreign tourists. The visa free policy has achieved significant results in driving Chinese tourists to travel to Thailand.

5. World Meteorological Organization: The global average temperature in 2023 is 1.45 degrees Celsius higher than pre industrial levels (1850-1900), with fluctuations of approximately 0.12 degrees Celsius; From June to December, global temperatures set new records every month, and July and August were the hottest two months on record.

Stock market inventory

1. CITIC Construction Investment: Domestic industrial product inventories are at a relatively low level, and investment demand is expected to improve under the influence of infrastructure strengthening, accelerated progress of the three major projects, and easing of real estate difficulties. Consumer demand is expected to further recover as the scar effect weakens. Coupled with base effects, price data is expected to consolidate at a low level in the short term and show an upward trend in the medium term, which is conducive to the recovery of corporate profits and capital market performance.

2. China Securities News: As of the close of January 12, 2024, a total of 115 listed companies in A-shares have disclosed their 2023 performance forecasts, with 86 companies having a positive outlook, accounting for approximately 74.78%. Among them, there were a slight increase of 30 companies, 8 companies that turned losses around, 8 companies that continued to gain profits, and an expected increase of 40 companies. From an industry perspective, industries such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, consumer electronics, and food and beverage have performed outstandingly.

3. Shanghai Stock Exchange News: After 8 years, insurance funds have once again raised their stakes in bank stocks, sending a new signal that incremental funds are expected to boost the "spring turmoil" of bank stocks. Several banking analysts believe that the dividend yield of the banking sector is relatively leading, and the cost-effectiveness of allocation is higher. It is expected that banking stocks will have a good relative return level in January.

4. Securities Times: It is reported that some investors in the Zeda Yisheng case have received compensation funds, and the specific name of the received funds is "Special Funds Adjustment and Bookkeeping". The receipt of the recovered funds also signifies the successful conclusion of the case. The Zeda Yisheng case is the first lawsuit involving a special representative of a company listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in China, and also the first case of a class action lawsuit settlement in China's securities industry.

Industry observation

1. CCTV News: The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA concluded on January 12, 2024. Finally, 15 Chinese companies won the 2024 Innovation Award at the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition for their technology and products. This year, more than 3000 products participated in this selection, a year-on-year increase of 40%, and the number of submissions reached a historic high.

2. Shanghai Securities News: In 2023, Tiktok's ice and snow related content will be broadcast more than 10.2 billion times and praised 220 million times; The number of users interested in ice and snow was 45.73 million, a year-on-year increase of 35.7%; Nearly 10000 ice and snow merchants offer over 70000 types of ice and snow products.

3. China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC): In 2023, the largest crude oil production base in China, Bohai Oilfield, produced over 36.8 million tons of oil and gas equivalent, with crude oil production exceeding 34 million tons and natural gas production exceeding 3.5 billion cubic meters, reaching a historic high.

4. Xinhua News Agency: A Chinese research team has recently proposed a quantum e-commerce solution, which is the first demonstration of a 5-user quantum e-commerce application scenario internationally, providing unconditional security guarantees for the complete e-commerce transaction process. The relevant paper has been published in the sub issue of Science Progress in the United States.

5. Pengpai News: Professor Li Guowu from China University of Geosciences (Beijing) announced the discovery of a new heavy rare earth mineral with a completely new structure - Baiyun yttrium barium ore in Baiyun Ebo, Baotou. It is a new mineral with a completely new chemical composition and crystal structure, containing heavy rare earth elements such as yttrium, dysprosium, gadolinium, erbium, lutetium, etc. It is the first newly discovered fluorocarbonate heavy rare earth mineral in the Baiyun Ebo mining area.

6. Secretary for Transport and Logistics of Hong Kong, Lin Shih hung: It is expected that the Transport Department will launch electronic driving licenses from the end of this year to early next year. The driver's license holder only needs to log in to the exclusive mobile application and authenticate their identity through "Smart Convenience" or "License Easy" to obtain electronic driver's license information. Police officers can verify it by scanning an encrypted QR code.

7. Autostat: In 2023, six Chinese car brands entered the top ten in sales in Russia. The first place is the Russian brand Lada, with an annual sales volume of 324400 vehicles; Chinese brands occupy the position from second to seventh place, with Chery ranking first among Chinese brands, with sales doubling to 119000 vehicles and a market share of 11.2%.

8. CCTV Finance: The highly pathogenic avian influenza epidemic is spreading in South Korea, and with less than a month left until the Spring Festival, the price of eggs in South Korea has significantly increased. Starting this week, the average retail price of 30 eggs per plate in South Korea has exceeded 7000 Korean won (about 38 yuan), an increase of about 10% from the previous month and about 20% from the same period in previous years.

Financial data

1. China Fund News: Based on the recent flow of equity ETF funds in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, funds have begun to enter the market to bargain. There were a total of 4 trading days this week where net inflows were achieved, with a total net inflow of approximately 12 billion yuan. The brief net outflow at the beginning of the year did not affect the overall net inflow trend. It is worth noting that since the beginning of the year, ETF products under top fund companies have shown strong ability to attract funds.

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