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Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Central Bank: The next step will be to optimize cross-border RMB business policies, strengthen local and foreign currency coordination on the basis of "local currency priority", and continuously optimize basic institutional arrangements such as RMB cross-border transaction settlement; Improve the network infrastructure for the use of the renminbi and better leverage the currency swap mechanism to support cross-border trade and investment.2. Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Wang Xiaoping: In 2024, greater support will be provided to various business entities such as private economy and small and micro enterprises with large employment capacity; Fully leverage the supply and demand docking role of over 6900 gig markets to support f...
Date: 2024 - 03 - 11
Financial attentionHan Wenxiu, Deputy Director of the China Finance Office, said that the Chinese economy is a powerful propeller and stable anchor for the recovery and development of the world economy. Over the past 10 years, China's average contribution to world economic growth has exceeded 30%. In addition, there are currently no significant inflationary or deflationary pressures. Monetary policy has greater leeway, and China's economic and financial stability will provide a positive spillover effect for the volatile international financial market.► People's Daily: In recent yea...
Date: 2023 - 03 - 27
Financial attention► Haitong Securities: From the perspective of the economic cycle, the domestic economy has entered the early stage of recovery from the late recession. From the perspective of the stock market cycle, the fact that A-shares have not reached a record low for half a year means that the transition from bear to bull has been confirmed. The current market is still in the early stages of a bull market. A bull market can be divided into three stages. The first stage is the gestation and preparation period, with profits falling and valuation repairing. In the second phase of the full...
Date: 2023 - 04 - 03
Financial attentionFinancial afternoon tea: On April 10th, the first batch of registered new shares on the main board will be collectively listed, marking a historic moment for the A-share main board. These ten new stocks are CITIC Metal, Zhongzhong Technology, Evergreen Technology, Jiangyan Group, Baicheng Co., Ltd., China Electronics Port, Haisen Pharmaceutical, Shaanxi Energy, Dengkang Dental, and South Mining Group. On the first day of listing, the 10 companies will be labeled with 'N' before their abbreviation, and from the next day of listing to the 5th trading day, they will be ...
Date: 2023 - 04 - 10
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. CDC Dong Xiaoping: The study found that at the same time, the prevailing COVID-19 virus strains in China and other countries around the world may be different, and the dominant COVID-19 virus strains in China are similar to those in neighboring Japan and South Korea. At present and in the future, there will be many strains of Omicron virus prevailing in different countries and regions. Therefore, the prevention and control of COVID-19 is also likely to become a seasonal immunization strategy.2. Beijing Daily: Recently, various subway lines in Beijing have fu...
Date: 2023 - 04 - 17
Financial attention► Central Bank: Regarding inflation data that has eased somewhat, the market is concerned that China's economic activity may be on the cold side and may fall into deflation. However, multiple experts believe that overall, China's macroeconomic operation has started well and the trend of economic recovery is clear. Low inflation does not equate to deflation, and low inflation or previous anti inflation forces should not be simply regarded as deflation. There is no systematic and sustainable deflationary pressure in China.Macroeconomics1. Ministry of Commerce: Support ...
Date: 2023 - 04 - 24
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Zhang Boli: The global epidemic risk of XBB.1.16 is lower than that of XBB.1.5 and other ongoing variants. Recently, the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control across the country has been stable. Although there has been an increase in infection of COVID-19 in some places, it is still sporadic. At present, the possibility of large-scale epidemic is small. Residents can reserve some commonly used drugs appropriately for emergency use, but there is no need to hoard a large amount of drugs.2. Central Committee of the Communist Youth League: As of t...
Date: 2023 - 05 - 04
Financial attentionForeign Exchange Bureau: At the end of April, the scale of foreign exchange reserves reached 3204.8 billion US dollars, an increase of 20.9 billion US dollars compared to the previous month; Gold reserve reported 66.76 million ounces, up 260000 ounces month on month, up for six consecutive months.Macroeconomics1. Shanghai Securities News: During the May Day holiday this year, the number of inbound and outbound personnel at Hongqiao Airport exceeded 29000. This is the first peak of inbound and outbound passenger flow since the resumption of international and Hong Kong Macao T...
Date: 2023 - 05 - 08
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. China Securities News: On May 12th, some banks such as Ping An Bank and Dongying Bank issued a notice stating that they will suspend the sale of 'smart call deposit' products or handle smart call deposit business. Industry insiders point out that this may be related to several banks announcing adjustments to call deposit rates recently. The relevant departments have issued a notice requiring banks to control call deposits and increase interest rates on agreed deposits by a certain upper limit starting from May 15th.2. Zhou Hongyi: ChatGPT-4.0 is alre...
Date: 2023 - 05 - 15
Financial attentionEconomic Daily: Exploring the establishment of a valuation system with Chinese characteristics cannot be simply understood as directly elevating the valuation level of state-owned enterprises and guiding funds to drive short-term and rapid stock price increases. This is not in line with the general laws of the capital market, nor is it conducive to the sustained and healthy development of state-owned enterprises. It is also contrary to the central government's requirement of 'creating a standardized, transparent, open, dynamic, and resilient capital market'. Whet...
Date: 2023 - 05 - 22
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. Dai Qionghai, Chairman of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence, stated that the cost of algorithmic large models is becoming increasingly high, with GPT-3 training costs of approximately $5 million per session and a cumulative investment of over $3 billion in GPT series research. And the model is becoming increasingly large, increasing by 20000 times in 5 years. Tasks are becoming increasingly diverse, with one model open source processing multiple tasks. The GPT-3 training data is approximately 450000 years of text volume for People's Dail...
Date: 2023 - 05 - 29
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. China Manned Space Engineering Office: At 6:33 on June 4th, the return module of the Shenzhou-15 manned spacecraft successfully landed at the Dongfeng landing site, and the mission was a complete success. As the oldest average astronaut crew to perform missions to date, it not only broke the record for the number of outbound activities of a single Chinese astronaut crew, but also witnessed the historical moment of the comprehensive construction of the Chinese space station.2. As of the end of 2022, the operating mileage of the Yangtze River Delta Railway rea...
Date: 2023 - 06 - 05
Financial attentionMacroeconomics1. First Financial: In 2022, the number of marriages in China was 6.833 million, a year-on-year decrease of 10.5%, reaching a new low since 1986. Compared to the peak of 13.469 million couples in 2013, the number of marriages has decreased for 9 consecutive years, with a decrease of 49.3%.2. China Weather Network: From June 11 to 12, the rain was still strong in parts of South China and other places, including parts of Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan and other places with heavy to rainstorm, and local areas with heavy rainstorm. It is necessary to strengthen the pre...
Date: 2023 - 06 - 12
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